Courses / Overview

Our courses focus on using the auditory and visual senses to develop creative writing, speaking and listening art and music composition. They are highly motivational, fun and practical.

Inset and Workshops

There are currently 5 full day inset days available. All of them are written and delivered by Philip Davis - the creator of Picture the Music. Please contact us if you need to discuss the options - it is always possible to create a bespoke day to suit your needs.

Picture the Music Create

A detailed look at using images and sounds to generate ideas for a variety of outcomes including story telling, creative writing, composition - in fact anything that involves originality as a starting point. (more...)

Picture the Music Create - Using the Software

This is similar to the above but focuses more on how to use the software resource. This is ideal if there is an issue with staff being a little techno-phobic. (more...)

The Creative Classroom

A general look at how to develop a more creative approach to teaching and learning using movement, images and sound. An excellent introduction to Philip’s methods. (more...)

Raising Motivation and achievement in Creative Writing

A detailed look at the application of the Picture the Music methodology to creative writing. (more...)

The Poetic Classroom

A very detailed look at improving and building poetry in the school. All the courses require a selection of musical instruments for the afternoon session. If away from the school please ensure that every delegate brings at least 2 instruments with them. Variety is the key - shakers, xylophones, drums of all sorts, glockenspiels, Tambourines, Tambours, wood blocks etc. (more...)


The usual timings of the day are:
  • Session 1: 9.00 - 10.40
  • Session 2: 11.00 - 12.40
  • Session 3: runs for approx 2 hours

Workshops to follow Inset

These are sessions run in the classroom with the children - they are a great way to see Picture the Music Create in action - Philip can focus on Poetry or Narrative. Many schools find these a useful follow up to an inset.

If you are interested in a course running in your area please get in touch

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